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7 Questions You Should Ask Your Quantity Surveyor

7 Questions You Should Ask Your Quantity Surveyor

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  • 03 - 09 - 2018
  • By MQS

Asking the right questions is the key to a successful business relationship with your quantity surveyor. Unfortunately, many people simply do not know what to ask. By having important questions in mind, you can be assured that you’ll get the information you need and have a better experience with your quantity surveyors in Melbourne.

7 Questions You Should Ask Your Quantity Surveyor

1. What are your qualifications in the industry?

Qualifications are important. They show that the surveyor has undergone appropriate preparation, including education and training, to provide high-quality work. In addition, qualifications show that the surveyor is dedicated to the work. Asking for qualifications is a common practice in all industries. The surveyor should be comfortable providing this information to you. The surveyor's qualifications can provide an assurance to the client that the surveyor knows what he or she is doing in the industry.

2. Do you outsource any of your work?

While there isn't anything necessarily wrong with outsourcing work, it can be a cause for concern among some clients. First, the cost of outsourcing may be passed on to clients, which must be considered in budgeting. In addition, when a surveyor outsources work, the individual or firm taken on for the outsourced work is selected by the surveyor rather than the client. That means the client does not have a voice in who is doing some of the work.

3. Do you have liability insurance?

Liability insurance, like qualifications, provides assurances to clients about the level of work being done. Liability insurance is a protection in the event that an accident occurs. Surveyors who have liability insurance show that they care about the work they do and want to do the right thing in case an accident occurs. Like asking for qualifications, asking about liability insurance is common. Surveyors who have liability insurance should have no problem letting potential clients know about it, particularly since it puts clients' minds at ease when working with construction quantity surveying services.

4. Do you specialize in tax depreciation?

Tax depreciation is a complex area of practice. Not only is it complex on its own, but changes to tax laws, requirements, and regulations means that anyone operating in that area must keep learning and staying up-to-date on the latest tax information. Someone who does not specialize in tax depreciation may find themselves falling behind in the latest information. Asking a surveyor if he or she specializes in tax depreciation can help you find the best match for your needs.

5. What do you include in tax depreciation schedules?

Tax depreciation schedules are about more than simply what money is gained or lost. There are a wide range of factors that influence tax depreciation. In addition, you may be looking for specific information on the tax depreciation schedule to meet your needs. Knowing up front what is included in the tax depreciation schedules will ensure that, when working with a particular surveyor, you will get exactly what you need from the professional relationship.

6. Do I have the right type of property? Is it too old?

Asking specific questions about your property can help you get a better understanding of the surveyor and what they offer. In addition, it can arm you with the right information that you need, as well. A surveyor with quality experience and background will have the answers you need and be confident in talking about your property and its features as part of the business relationship with quantity surveyors in Melbourne.

7. What is the most important thing I need to know about this property?

Some surveyors may only answer questions you ask or provide the basic information required. However, that does not mean a surveyor does not have extra information or insights that would be beneficial. By asking for the surveyor's opinions, you can get extra information about your property so that you can be equipped with a better foundation of knowledge. What other questions are essential for partnering with quantity surveyors in Melbourne? Comment below to add yours! If you're ready to learn more about how a quantity surveyor can help your project, contact Melbourne Quantity Surveyors (MQS) today by calling (03) 9068 3950.

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