Melbourne Quantity Surveyors High Rise Building, Commercial Job and Cost Assistance.


Underpinning all of our services is our desire to add value to our Clients' project that exceeds their expectations – it drives us.  Yes, we are about numbers and spreadsheets but we guarantee, that’s not all. We are also about challenging the perception of a Quantity Surveyor.  We bring a wealth of knowledge of the construction industry that you may not be aware of, we are privy to current market conditions, trends and resources.  

We want to maximise value for money as much as you do, it’s innate in us, we won’t stop until we have.  With our long list of services that include the usual suspects like Cost planning, Estimating and Contract Administration we also offer detailed Tender and Contract Evaluation, awesome Project Management, polished Expert Witness and experienced Mediation Services.

As a small business with a strong desire to please and as mentioned earlier, exceed expectations, we include some free stuff as part of our service – who doesn’t like free stuff! This includes things like:

  • Incorporation of changes to formatting, materials, fixtures, fittings and PC sums

  • Incorporation of Client supplied quotes or estimates

  • Draft issue of report

  • Minor modifications to the floor plan

  • Ongoing cost advice

Please enjoy the detailed information below showcasing our experience relevant to your project type. We have been honoured and proud to be a part of the team on these projects. Enjoy!

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