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Do You Really Need A Quantity Surveyor?

Do You Really Need A Quantity Surveyor?

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  • 15 - 10 - 2018
  • By MQS

A successful construction project team combines different backgrounds and skillsets to make sure that every aspect of the project can be handled effectively. One set of skills that many project leaders take on themselves is handling the financial aspects of the project. This is something you can do, but a quantity surveyor may be a better choice to add to your team and achieve project success.

Do You Really Need A Quantity Surveyor?

What is a Quantity Surveyor?

A quantity surveyor is a team member who manages the overall project's finances, including keeping track of the budget and how it matches the timeline for the project. Someone working as a quantity surveyor not only has a strong background in finance but is also experienced in the construction industry. This provides a quantity surveyor with a foundation to understand construction costs and contracts. Without this knowledge, the quantity surveyor may not be able to manage the project effectively to keep it moving forward on the timeline and within the expected budget.

How Does a Quantity Surveyor Help?

The biggest way a quantity surveyor can help with a construction project is by managing the balance between what needs to be done and what it costs to get it done. This is particularly beneficial when parts of the project change. For example, if a client changes his or her mind about an element of the project or the timeline needs to be shortened. These factors can influence the budget of the project. A quantity surveyor works with the project leaders to make sure that any changes are handled properly so that the project can get done effectively. You may be able to complete a project without a quantity surveyor, but it's likely that it will be a lot more complicated.

Since a quantity surveyor manages the financial aspects of the project, which frees other team members to focus on other aspects of the project. For example, the project leader can ensure that milestones are being met and clients' needs are being met instead of spending time balancing the finances for the project at every phase of construction. A quantity surveyor helps ease some of the stresses of a project by taking on these responsibilities.

Why do You Need to Hire a Quantity Surveyor?

A quantity surveyor is an essential part of successful project teams. Even if a quantity surveyor is not required for the project, he or she can help ensure that the project is completed according to the desired timeline and within the expected budget, even when changes come up throughout the project. Since a quantity surveyor helps the team to be more successful, any project team would be better off with the help of a quantity surveyor.

How Much Does a Quantity Surveyor Cost?

The cost of a quantity surveyor varies based on location, project scope, and experience. However, it is possible to find a quantity surveyor who can provide what is needed within the budget of the project.

Whether your team is doing a small, short-term project or starting a complex, multi-stage construction project that will take years, a quantity surveyor can be an essential part of the project team. By managing the budget and how it balances with the timeline of the project, a quantity surveyor Melbourne can be a key part of the overall success of your project. Not only that, a quantity surveyor frees you up to focus on other important aspects of the project. You may have run successful projects in the past, but adding a quantity surveyor to your project team gets you one step closer to success.

Have you had good experiences with quantity surveyors? How have they helped your past projects to be successful?

If you have questions about quantity surveyors, contact Melbourne Quantity Surveyors (MQS) today by calling (03) 9068 3950.

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