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How Much Does A Quantity Surveyor Cost in Australia?

How Much Does A Quantity Surveyor Cost in Australia?

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  • 05 - 11 - 2018
  • By MQS

There are lots of elements in a project, which can make any project expensive. Many project leaders try to find ways to cut costs to make the project more profitable or to give them some flexibility when changes occur during the project. One way project leaders try to cut costs is by not hiring a quantity surveyor. While this may seem like a good idea to save money, it can be detrimental to your project. Understanding factors that contribute to the cost of a quantity surveyor and why they are hired can help you decide if it’s an area you can use to save money or not.

How Much Does A Quantity Surveyor Cost in Australia?

Factors to Consider

Costs of quantity surveyors Melbourne vary based on a number of factors. Some of these factors will be more or less important to you based on the project and your specific needs. Understanding these factors and how they contribute to the cost of a quantity surveyor can help ensure you get the best value for the work you need during your project.

Scope of Project

One factor to consider is the scope of the project. If you are undertaking a large, long, and/or complicated project, it is likely that the quantity surveyor will have more to do during the project timeline. For that reason, the cost will be higher for you. Conversely, if you are undertaking a small, short, and/or simple project, theh cost of the quantity surveyor will probably be less. You can compare this to the cost of materials and labor in your project: the more you need, the more it will cost to get it done.

Quantity Surveyor Responsibilities

Another consideration is what, specifically, you expect the quantity surveyor to do. If there are only a few things you need help with because they are outside your expertise, you may be able to reduce the cost of the quantity surveyor. However, if you have a long task list that will last throughout the entire project timeline, the cost of the quantity surveyor will be higher. This is often an area that can be balanced with your budgetary restrictions.


Who you hire is another factor in the cost of a quantity surveyor. An individual with decades of experience is likely to cost more than someone who is new in their position. In this case, you are paying more because of the experience that the individual brings to the project. Someone with a lot of experience has demonstrated success as a quantity surveyor. That doesn't mean a new quantity surveyor is not a good choice. It is just something to consider when looking for a quantity surveyor for your project team.

Do You Really Need a Quantity Surveyor?

The concerns about cost may be a reason project leaders decide not to hire a quantity surveyor. Unfortunately, many of these project leaders find out too late that, if they had hired one, their project could have been completed on time and within their expected budget. A quantity surveyor is not just a place to save money. Instead, the individual plays a vital role in the success of your project.

A quantity surveyor has the expertise to balance the needs of the project with the costs of the project. This helps keep the project going smoothly, even when changes pop up during the project timeline. In addition, allowing a quantity surveyor to take on the burden of managing the financial scope of the project frees other team members to focus on other important aspects of the project so no one is taking on too much. That also helps keep the project running smoothly.

You may think a quantity surveyor is a good place to save money on your project. However, by utilizing the expertise of a quantity surveyor, you'll not only increase the chance that your project will be successful but you'll make sure that everyone is doing their best work throughout the team. That's a good way to work toward a successful project!

For more information about quantity surveyors, call Melbourne Quantity Surveyors (MQS) at (03) 9068 3950 today.

Do you think a quantity surveyor is a good investment for your project team? How have quantity surveyors brought value to your past projects?

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