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Battle of the Budget – How to Balance Necessity vs. Desire in a Construction Project

With banks tightening their lending, frivolous spending is on the downward trend, with most clients demanding that budgets are adhered to and that every dollar is accounted for – yet they can be hesitant to make changes to their project to achieve this. Designing a home that is within budget yet delivers all of the client’s desires can be challenging however this is where engaging a Quantity Surveyor can be useful.

Construction projects are typically born from a combination of necessity and desire. Almost every project we see initially starts over budget, which is then fine-tuned to find the happy medium of project scope and budget, or balance between necessity and desire.

We’d like to consider ourselves as financial problem solvers to the Construction industry. Our engagements assist clients by providing clarity on project cost centres and enable clients to take the guesswork out of the tough decisions between necessity and desire.

No-one wants to go back to their client with a problem and no solution. This is where we can help. Our service offerings go beyond the initial project cost report and includes a value management portion where we assist clients in aligning scope and budget while maximising value for money, therefore giving clients full transparency throughout the design process. We can provide a laundry list of items which they can review and make decisions upon, choosing what to include or exclude and ultimately helping them to bring the project back within budget.

If you are working on a project that is in need of some financial tweaking, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love the opportunity to help! Contact us on (03) 9068 3950 or


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