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Melbourne Quantity Surveyors (MQS) is an energetic and youthful firm founded on the need for independent professionals to provide sound cost and construction advice before, during and post-construction. Deliberately challenging the stereotype of a Quantity Surveyor and the value they can bring to a project, we understand there is much more to construction than a spreadsheet full of numbers, and it is this ‘whole building’ approach that creates the foundation of all MQS services.

At MQS our goal is to make building better. We understand during Construction anxiety stems from uncertainty. We aim to alleviate this by empowering our Client’s through personal and intimate interactions in which we listen and truly understand your objectives. We deliver measurable results and ensure key milestones are met along the way, by providing not just a set of numbers but rather a malleable tool that helps assist our clients minimise risk and maximise project value where it counts.