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Melbourne Quantity Surveyors, Cost Planning, Estimating & Control

Cost Planning, Estimating & Control

We are experienced in all facets of cost planning, estimating and control and are expertly placed to develop cost plans and prepare concept plans as well as preconstruction cost estimates. We can monitor and review the design at various stages to ensure the project can be built within the nominated construction budget.

We'd like to think of our Cost Plans, particularly at the early stages of design, as a malleable tool that can be adjusted and modified to suit each individual project while remaining accurate to current market conditions.
From our Cost Plans, we are able to:
  • Establish and maintain cost planning services for all stages of project development, from the Master Plan to Feasibility, Schematic Design, Tender Documentation, Asset Management and Post Occupancy.
  • Prepare a schedule outlining efficiencies
  • Benchmark against other projects and current market trends.
  • Provide alternative cost studies for different methods of construction, materials and finishes as required.
  • Suggest design solutions that are more cost-effective, energy-efficient, or that reduce the carbon footprint of the building.
  • Provide progressive statements of costs against the anticipated final cost of the project and advise on methods to maintain agreed budgets
  • Assist with value management of the project (i.e., including cost options, material selection changes etc, to reduce overall cost)
  • Provide ongoing cost advice and feedback on potential savings achievable
As the project advances, we can assist by:
  • Updating and revising all cost plans
  • Preparing a comprehensive Bill of Quantities (BoQ) in accordance with AIQS Standard Method of Measurement
  • Reviewing and updating the Project Cost Plan to maintain the project within the approved project budget
  • Identify reasons for any major discrepancies from the project budget and advise on methods to maintain agreed budgets
  • Preparing reports on cash flows and cost analysis

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