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Melbourne Quantity Surveyors, Contract Administration & Project Management

Contract Administration & Project Management

We can assess each progress claim (monthly or staged) to ensure the claimed amount aligns with the work completed by conducting site visits. We can also assess variation claims submitted by the builder and produce project reports detailing the costs of works completed to date. We can help you negotiate any variations that arise. Depending on the contractual clauses, variations may be permitted, but any impact on cost and time needs to be negotiated.

In addition to managing the costs associated with a construction project, we can help reduce the burden on project managers by taking over the management of costs. This enables the project manager to focus on other important aspects of the project, knowing that the costs and contracts are being continually reviewed by us.

Engaging MQS to help you negotiate the costs upfront will help your project conform to the negotiated project timeline. We can help you evaluate the quantity and costs of materials required, the labour hours needed, the accuracy of progress payments and much more.

We can advise on:
  • Construction variations and extensions of time
  • Cost of claims to the contract
  • Status of contingency
  • Costs associated with a change of scope
  • The release of Bank Guarantees provided by the Contractor
  • Cost reduction options as required to maintain the project within budget.
  • Continuously monitor and assess key decisions and plans as they develop, to ensure they conform to the scope of work and budget for the project
  • Contract administration procedures for proper handling of issues such as variations that arise throughout the project.
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