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Melbourne Quantity Surveyors, Construction & Cost Planning Assistance, Project Management

Our Projects

At MQS we understand that there is much more to construction than a spreadsheet full of numbers, and it is this ‘whole building’ approach that creates the foundation of all MQS projects.  Our goal is to make the building process better.


We understand that anxiety comes from uncertainty, so we focus on fostering certainty and confidence through personal and intimate interactions and listening to our clients. We take the time to understand their objectives and tailor our personal one-on-one service to suit our clients – ensuring their key project-specific goals and milestones are met.


With this approach being the cornerstone of our business, we have had the pleasure of being involved in an extensive variety of projects. From iconic heritage-listed buildings to vast landscaping projects and residential projects that continue to inspire us.  We have also had the opportunity to be involved with projects in education, government and commercial sectors that require a coordinated team effort of many different consultants. 

Tell us about your project today.

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