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Melbourne Quantity Surveyors, Expert Witness, Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Expert Witness, Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Building can be difficult and complex. Unfortunately, disputes are common and, in some cases, unavoidable. Through our expert witness, mediation and dispute resolution services, we offer an independent and unbiased opinion that can assist in or avoid the need for legal proceedings.


We offer three sub-services:

1. Preparation of ‘Expert Witness’ reports on disputed work and associated costs:

We visit the site to establish an understanding of the status of the project. We then prepare a report clearly stipulating the cost of works completed and/or works yet to be completed and/or the cost of defective work. This can help with insurance payouts, construction disputes, variation claims, etc.

2. Attendance at negotiation, mediation or tribunals as an ‘Expert Witness':

Attendance at negotiations, mediations or tribunals as an expert witness to provide evidence or justification to costs associated with a dispute.

3. Prepare an ‘Expert Witness’ report as evidence in a court of law:

We can submit our Expert Witness reports as evidence in a court of law, with or without our presence at the hearing and depending on the circumstances.

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