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Melbourne Quantity Surveyors Commercial Building Work in Melbourne
  • What does a Quantity Surveyor cost?
    Our fees can vary significantly depending on factors such as scope of work, complexity of the project and the specific services required. Based on the individual needs of our clients, we tailor our services and associated fee structure to suit our clients and their project specific requirements and provide a detailed breakdown of our fees, including costs for different stages of the project or specific services such as cost estimating and contract administration. Keep in mind that while cost is important, it is also crucial to consider the expertise and reputation of the Quantity Surveyor in ensuring the success of your construction project. If you would like more information, please feel free to give us a call for an obligation free discussion.
  • What stage of my project is the best time to engage a Quantity Surveyor?
    We can be engaged at any stage of your project to provide cost advice, from feasibility and master planning through to tender or during construction. It is never too early or late to have us involved in a project, particularly if your budget is fixed. Click HERE to learn more.
  • What is the typical process for a Cost Plan or Report?
    No project is ever the same nor are our client’s requirements so we tailor our service to suit each project. This is the typical process we follow with each Cost Plan: 1. Report issued 2. Ongoing cost and contractual advice 3. Value management to reduce overall cost, if required (ie: incorporating cost options, material selection changes etc) 4. Minor modifications to the floor plan that remain reasonably within the original brief/scope 5. Incorporation of any client supplied quotes or estimates 6. Incorporation of any requested changes to material selections, fixtures, fittings, client supplied items, PC sums etc We like to think of our cost plans, particularly at the early stages of design, as a malleable tool that can be adjusted and modified to suit the desired level of finish and project budget. As part of our commitment to the success of your project we provide items 3 to 6 free of charge to remove the stress of needing to make changes to get it just right.
  • What documents or drawings are needed to complete a cost plan or report?
    We can work with your drawings at whatever stage they may be. You may have concept drawings – think big picture, dream home – and we can give you a high-level budget estimate which allows you to know if all-of-the-above is possible and fits within your budget. As the project progresses and plans become more detailed (aka schematic design, design development, tender) we can assist at any or all of these stages and offer a more detailed budget analysis.
  • What is the best way to control the budget of my project?
    Choosing to engage a Quantity Surveyor to complete cost plans throughout the different phases of a project is a valuable investment. Quantity Surveyors ensure the project remains within budget as the design develops from concept through to final construction issue. Obtaining regular cost plans during the design phase gives the owners confidence that the build is financially achievable, whilst ensuring the architects design is within the client’s scope. It is recommended to complete a cost plan at a concept phase, again before applying for planning approvals and at final tender stage. Obtaining multiple cost plans allows for opportunities to adjust the design as you develop to stay within budget.
  • How can MQS help construction professionals?
    We understand that first impressions and presentation is critical. This is particularly relevant for our Commercial and Architectural clients. Where project scope can unknowingly increase throughout the design phase as multiple minor additions and changes can increase the project cost over and above the project budget. In these circumstances, we can tailor the Cost Plan to suit the project budget and provide a “shopping list” style itemised list of additional cost options, which can be presented for discussion with relevant stakeholders. Providing a total project cost of what is achievable for the project budget, and a list of any number of additional items which have been requested during the design.
  • I need a Financier/Bank report or Insurance Valuation. Can you help?
    Yes, we can help. We offer the following services: Bank/Financier reports and construction estimates Bank/Financier progress claim assessment and reports Insurance valuation estimates. Insurance replacement estimates. If you are considering a payout from your insurance company, it might be worth considering having a construction rectification assessment completed to ensure your payout is fair and covers all of the actual costs with rectifying any damage.
  • I am having problems with my construction project. Who do I call?
    Our role during construction is to provide unbiased construction and cost advice that can help assist with reducing the need for potential litigation or disputes. It's never too late to engage a Quantity Surveyor to assist you in completing your project. Feel free to have an obligation free chat about the specifics of your project.
  • What is a Quantity Surveyor’s role during a construction dispute?
    Depending on the nature of the dispute, the role can vary significantly. Some of the services we offer are: Negotiation and mediation Prepare ‘Expert Witness’ reports Attendance at negotiation, mediation or tribunal as ‘Expert Witness’. Provide contractual advice and dispute resolution At MQS, we understand the importance of having expert advice during stressful disputes. Through our expert witness, mediation and dispute resolution services, we help give validity to your claim and provide peace of mind that you have an independent expert in your corner.
  • Do we produce depreciation reports?
    Unfortunately, depreciation reports are not one of our services offered.



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