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Melbourne Quantity Surveyors High Rise Building, Commercial Job and Cost Assistance.

Our Services

Melbourne Quantity Surveyors provides accurate cost advice with a hands-on approach. Delivered with passion, our service adds value to every project drawn from our building knowledge and a desire to make buildings better in every way.
We’d like to consider ourselves as financial problem solvers in the Construction industry. Our service offerings go beyond the initial project cost report and include a value management portion where we assist our clients in aligning scope and budget while maximising value for money, therefore giving our clients full transparency throughout the design process.
Our services include Cost Planning, Estimating and Contract Administration. We also offer detailed Tender and Contract Evaluation, Project/Account Management, Expert Witness and Mediation Services.
We utilise measurement and estimating software that allows flexibility and information customisation, tracking and presentation. This software allows for clear and concise reporting while enabling clarity around the key cost centres, which leads to informed decision-making.

Melbourne Quantity Surveyors Cost Planning, Estimating & Control
Melbourne Quantity Surveyors Contract Administration & Project Management
Melbourne Quantity Surveyors Tender & Contract Evaluation & Assistance
Melbourne Quantity Surveyors Expert Witness, Mediation & Dispute Resolution
Our team is skilled and experienced in a broad range of project sectors and sizes including:
  • Residential
  • Heritage
  • Commercial
  • Landscapes
  • Education
  • Government
  • Recreational
  • Health
This equips Melbourne Quantity Surveyors to achieve objectives and provide the optimum outcome for every project
Tell us about your project today.
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