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Melbourne Quantity Surveyors, Tender/Contract Evaluation & Assistance

Tender/ Contract Evaluation & Assistance

Determining the builder or contractor that represents the best value is not always as easy as looking at the bottom line. Each builder or contractor may include or exclude different elements which impact their pricing. The lowest price does not always represent the best value.

We compare builder or contractor pricing on a trade-by-trade basis against our Cost Plan, which highlights any areas of difference. This can be analysed and assessed to help determine the preferred tender/quote. We can prepare tender reconciliation and comparison of the Pre-Tender Estimate and the Client tender price, as well as review and amend the cost plan contingency allowances after recommended Head Contract qualifications and exclusions are assessed.

During contractual negotiations, we can help you ensure costs, payment and technical specification clauses are accurately and appropriately drafted. We have helped many clients with drafting contractual terms and will work closely with your legal and financial advisers to ensure we deliver the best outcome for you.

We can review all tenders received and prepare tender reports with recommendations, assist as required in detailed assessment and recommendations during any negotiations as well as provide a report that compares planned, revised and actual expenditure for the project.
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