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Residential projects, whether they are a new-build, renovation or extension project, are an opportunity for clients to see their lifestyle vision become a reality.
These types of projects are typically born from a combination of necessity and desire. Almost every project we see initially starts over budget, which is then fine-tuned to find the happy medium of project scope and budget, or balance between necessity and desire.
Our engagements assist clients by providing clarity on project cost centres and enable clients to take the guesswork out of the tough decisions between necessity and desire. Our service offerings go beyond the initial project cost report and includes a value management portion where we assist clients in aligning scope and budget while maximising value for money, therefore giving clients full transparency throughout the design process. We can provide a laundry list of items which they can review and make decisions upon, choosing what to include or exclude and ultimately helping them to bring the project back within budget.
Here at MQS, we use our knowledge of construction methods and material costs to estimate the cost of your project. It is never too early to have us involved in a project, particularly if the budget is fixed. When we are involved earlier in a project, we are able to maximise the budget and minimise risk as well as limit the amount of costly redesign fees that may be required should the design be unknowingly bigger than your budget.
A Quantity Surveyor is an integral member of your team when building, helping to ensure a cost-effective and efficient build from the initial concept to final completion. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in a broad range of residential project types and sizes.

Some of the Residential projects we’ve had the pleasure of being involved with:

  • The New Acacia House

  • Community Housing Victoira

  • Point Nepean Road Rosebud

  • Coppel House

  • Esplanade Brighton

  • Harvey Street Malvern

  • Jolimont Road East Melbourne

  • Clarendon Street Melbourne

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