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HOW TO STAY ON BUDGET Throughout the Design Phase

Choosing to engage a Quantity Surveyor to complete cost plans throughout the design phase of a project is a valuable investment. Quantity Surveyors ensure the project remains within budget as the design develops from concept through to final construction issue.

Obtaining regular cost plans during the design phase gives the owners confidence that the build is financially achievable, whilst ensuring the architects design is within the client’s scope. It is recommended to complete a cost plan at a concept phase, again before applying for planning approvals and at final tender stage. Obtaining multiple cost plans allows for opportunities to adjust the design as you develop to stay within budget.

How can a Quantity Surveyor help?

Quantity Surveyors can provide advice and recommendations to stay within the budget and recommend the best ways to reduce costs effectively. We can offer advice surrounding expected fees, breakdown of pricing as well as any contingencies (uncertainties) which the client should expect. Quantity Surveyors can also be engaged to review builder’s tenders once the design phase is complete.

Engaging a Quantity Surveyor for your project will offer you a great resource and become an asset within the design phase of your project. Staying on budget can be challenging but we can help, please feel free to contact us on (03) 9068 3950 or email if you’d like to know more about our cost-saving services.

Rachel Haines

Quantity Surveyor

Melbourne Quantity Surveyors


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