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Landscape Architecture Post Pandemic - A Growing Importance for Green Spaces

The pandemic saw a noticeable increase in attention from communities demanding more public green space in their local area as well as improvements to existing green spaces. Lockdowns drew people to their local parks in droves, which has appeared to renew public appreciation for natural spaces in urban areas. No longer are these open spaces seen as tailored for families, but instead recognised as essential for all.

As other areas of the architecture industry have been poised for a downturn, landscape architecture is one of the few areas that is drawing cautious optimism. So, what issues have been raised post pandemic?


The demand for versatility was one biproduct of the pandemic, seeing public spaces that were previously used for one purpose (pre-pandemic) now being applied for multiple uses. This emerging requirement for diverse, multi-purpose spaces is driving changes and developments in the landscape architecture industry.

Climate Conscious Design

Along with this, the global trend for climate conscious design continues to shape the industry, with the use of greener materials and construction methods as well as a focus on renewable energies becoming ever more important.

Long Term Liveability

With social distancing here to stay, Australia is going to require outdoor spaces to work harder to meet the new economic and social needs of our communities. This presents a great opportunity for local governments to rethink how public spaces are used. There is a need to establish who should be prioritised in the complex planning and design process, which requires the involvement of local governments, planners, designers and the community.

Landscape architecture can contribute to changing the way people live together and relate to their environment, and as the population continues to grow along with the urban sprawl, landscape architects will play a vital role in designing green spaces that improve our overall health and wellbeing.

How We Can Help

Here at MQS, we have worked with many governments, councils and private businesses on a variety of landscape architecture projects, giving us the experience and know-how to provide accurate cost estimates for these types of projects. If you have any questions or need some advice about your next project, we encourage you to contact us for an obligation free chat, we are always happy to help!


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