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The role of a quantity surveyor is to undertake comprehensive measurements and cost estimates for building and construction projects in Australia. We carefully consider architectural and engineering plans, timelines, budgets, applicable regulations, building standards, the client’s preferences, tender and proposal responses, industry best practice and much more. We help guide our clients with leading estimating, designing, engineering, construction, contractual, project, negotiation and dispute resolution advice.

At Melbourne Quantity Surveyors (MQS) we are dedicated to providing our clients with measurable results. We are committed to helping our clients better understand the options available to them, as well as the associated cost implications before, during and after construction, thereby providing a level of confidence and security that ensures project stability while maximising value.


Here are our top 9 reasons why you should hire a qualified, professional and experienced quantity surveyor in Australia.


As you embark on your building or construction project, it is important to undertake accurate measurements and cost estimates. This is to ensure you comply with applicable regulations and standards, do not overspend, and can appropriately complete your project within budget (should you have any financing obligations that you need to consider).

Our measurements and estimates can be used to complete a Bill of Quantities which is generally given to builders and trades who are tendering to provide their services to you. Usually, the tenderer will also have their own quantity surveyor who will estimate the cost and type of materials. We can help you negotiate directly with the tenderer should there be any discrepancies.


A building or construction project can be complicated if you are left to do all the necessary due diligence, research, paperwork, estimating and more. To help take the estimation and costing exercise off your list of things to do, a qualified and experienced quantity surveyor can provide you with the advice and assurance you need. Estimating and costing requires knowledge of the building and construction industry, regulations, standards and experience in the field. We will help you identify all materials required, the estimated labour hours involved and check to ensure the architectural and engineering plans are correct. We want you to be fully informed when you commence your project and we can provide all necessary guidance as required.


A quantity surveyor plays an essential role within a successful project team. We can help ensure that the project is completed according to the desired timeline and within the expected budget, even when changes arise throughout the project. To help free up your time and your building supervisor’s time, it is worthwhile engaging a quantity surveyor. We are qualified, experienced and able to assist with planning, regulatory approvals, environmental concerns, budgeting, contract management, stakeholder management, dispute resolution and more. For an end-to-end project management solution, we will recommend areas where we can contribute so you can focus on other important tasks.


We understand that a successful project relies on effective cost management and careful budgeting. Building and construction projects can be costly and can incur additional costs if the project has not been planned correctly. When you come to us with your plans and explain what you have done to date, we can identify any gaps you may need to investigate. We will undertake a comprehensive analysis of your project in order to manage the costs throughout the project’s life. We will compare progress claims against the budget and ensure that any variations are properly accounted for. We understand the importance of timely communication to ensure all parties mutually understand next steps.


Throughout the life of the project, you may come across variations, defective works, unforeseen issues, planning and environmental concerns, delays and overruns. To help you mitigate these risks, it is important to have a well-drafted contract that protects your interests in these instances and more. We recommend experts in the building and construction field and advise you seek specific financial, taxation, legal and insurance advice. Following the preparation of a well-drafted contract, we can help manage your contractual rights and obligations. Should an issue arise, we will consult the contract and we can also consult your advisers (with your permission). Contract management requires diligence and patience, and our consultants are equipped with the skills and know-how to effectively manage your requirements.


Unfortunately, we have heard many stories involving owners and developers being subject to the malpractices of builders and trades. As professional quantity surveyors, we provide you with an extra set of eyes and hands to help keep your project moving. We will identify things that may have been missed, question any trades and services that we believe may not be able to deliver what they have promised, scrutinise quotations and proposals, evaluate concerns and seek resolutions. We strive to make your project a positive experience and will complement your skills and experience with our vast array of knowledge and tools.


Disputes are likely to occur during the life of a project. However, if the project is well-managed with effective communication and clearly expressed expectations, there should be minimal room for error. In the event a dispute does arise, we are proficient in negotiating and mediating parties’ concerns. We seek a win-win resolution for all stakeholders involved and will use our skills, experience and industry know-how to enhance your bargaining position.


As you near the completion of your project, it is important that you carefully prepare the final accounts. Relying on the final or closing invoices from your builder and trades can be risky as they might include additional costs. We will thoroughly assess the completed project on site, conduct measurements, sample test materials used and check invoices from contractors and all sub-contractors to ensure the final accounts are fair and correct. We will also factor in any variations, defective works, non-completions and other differences in our assessment.


We can help you with the following post-completion services:

A) Feasibility assessments: After you have completed your project, we can help assess the feasibility of how you are going to use the property.

B) Valuation for insurance purposes: We can value the newly constructed or built property for insurance cover purposes. We can also help you value any damage should an insurable event occur.

The team at MQS specialise in understanding, analysing and reporting on measurements and costs associated with building and construction projects. We offer end-to-end solutions to help take care of all quantity and cost related matters. In addition, we provide cost planning, contract management, project management, negotiation, dispute resolution, site attendance and advisory and assurance services. Our qualified quantity surveyors understand building and construction regulations and standards and have the experience and know-how to successfully support you throughout your project.

For more information about quantity surveyors, call us on (03) 9068 3950 or email us at


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